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Sicily offers one of the most eclectic mixes of culture, history and landscape in Europe. Having been occupied by the Romans, Greeks, Arabs and Normans, Sicily is packed full of tradition and historical influence, shown not only through its architecture and culture but through the people who live on the island. Sicily’s landscape is as mixed as its culture, with beautiful mountains, stunning beaches and expansive orchards, there is so much to see and do in Sicily, making it the perfect place to stay and visit. What’s more, food is a big part of the culture in Sicily and will not disappoint. With its Italian, Arabic, Greek (the list goes on) influence, the food in Sicily is renowned the world over and as such the island is perfect for those looking to get away and enjoy some fine dining. For the perfect trip to southern Italy, Sicily is a must visit.

  • Alcantara Gorge: The Alcantara Gorge boasts a special heritage and runs off the slopes of Mount Etna. The gorge was the scene of the battle of Francavilla between Austrian and Spanish forces in June 1719, engaging over 40,000 troops in battle (Sicilians largest battle pre the Allied Invasion in 1943). What's more, the gorge was once described as the "history of the earth" by famous geologists after it was discovered the gorge was formed by volcanic stone quickly crystallizing as it cooled rapidly en route downstream from Mount Etna. If you are in Sicily and visiting the Etna region, the Alcantara Gorge is well worth the visit.
  • Agrigento: Agrigento is a small city located on Sicily's southern coast. Founded in 582BC by Akragas, a female skull was found in the region, believed to be over half a million years old. The castles in the city also date back to 6000 BC and were initially made by the Greeks from Rhodes and Crete. If you are planning on making your way around Sicily, then Agrigento deserves a visit. Filled with Greek ruins, theatres and ruins as well as heavy Roman influence, it is a beautiful part of the world.
  • Palermo Cathedral: Known as Santa Maria Assunta, the Palermo Cathedral has existed as far back as the Punic times. The cathedral has gone through a number of different rulings from the Normans, to the Arabs to the Saracens, Palermo has been used as both a Mosque and Greek Orthodox Church, before being reconstructed as a Christian Church. The Cathedral offers tours and is open for tourists. Having housed emperors, Kings and religious figures, the Palermo Cathedral is of huge significance to Palermo and Sicily and offers a fascinating insight into the various rulings of Sicily.
Airport Info

Sicily has a host of airports that service the island. The main airport is that of Fontanarossa in Catania. The airport has Wi-Fi access, business lounge facilities and car parking. Within the terminal there is a host of cafes and shops that make travelling through the airport and enjoyable experience.

The Fontanarossa Airport is located 4.3km away from Catania City.


To and from the airport

By Taxi
A taxi rank is available outside the main terminal building and services will take you across the island. For the nearest city of Catania, you should expect to pay between 30-40 Euros depending on the number of passengers in the taxi.

By Bus
There are buses available from Fontanarossa Airport to towns and cities across the island. Buses into Catania City will take around 2 hours and can be caught from outside the terminal building.

By Car
For travel to Palermo take the E45 motorway west or for Catania travel north following the sign posts around the airport. Car rental services are available from within the terminal building and can be booked in advance or on arrival.


T: +39 0957 239 111

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