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Dubrovnik is a beautiful city situated on the southerly coast of Croatia. Once heralded as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’ by Lord Byron, Dubrovnik is famed for its medieval beauty and inspiring architecture. With its diverse landscape, Dubrovnik is situated between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, ensuring there is a huge array of things to keep you occupied during your stay. Whether is it is skiing during the winter months, or swimming and exploring during the summer, Dubrovnik is a fun packed destination with plenty to offer. Not to mention, Dubrovnik is perfectly situated to provide a great base to explore the surrounding coast lines, hosting nearly 2,000 islands, inlets and reefs within driving distance. A coastline famed for being one of the most diverse in the Mediterranean.

  • Dubrovnik Old Town: Packed full of locals with a lot going on the old town is one of the most interesting experiences in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik Old Town is a place to interact with locals, sample cheap local cuisine and experience the Dubrovnik culture first hand. With classical music coming from a local act on every street corner and the enclosure of being surrounded by the ancient city walls, Dubrovnik Old Town should be top on your places to visit. You can even climb the city walls for as little as 10 Euros and enjoy the unique experience of exploring the tiny, historical side streets that make Dubrovnik the unique place it is.
  • Lopud Island: You can get to this small island for about £5 at 10am from Gruz harbour and it is well worth it. The island is isolated, beautiful and full of cafes that offer local cuisine and spots to enjoy the stunning views. Lopud Island is a great place to go and chill out, with its parameter so small, you can't get lost and with over 8 restaurants there is plenty to enjoy. We advise taking a stroll around the island, with no traffic or cars and only hoards of goats to guide you it's the perfect escape during your visit to Dubrovnik.
  • War Photo limited: As one of Dubrovnik's top museums, the war photo limited museum acts as a telling reminder that up until fairly recently, Dubrovnik was a war zone. With its permanent ex-Yugoslav collection, the photos and videos alone are worth the visit. Each photo is described in multiple languages and offers some insightful portraits into how Dubrovnik was affected and impacted by the war.
Airport Info

Dubrovnik City Airport is located in a small suburb of Dubrovnik named Cilipi and handles approximately 1.2 million passengers a year. Dubrovnik airport is currently going through redevelopment work where a 36,000 square metre terminal is currently being constructed. The work is expected to increase passenger traffic to around 3.5 million by 2011.

Dubrovnik City Airport is located 9.5 miles from Dubrovnik City Centre.

Dubrovnik City Airport is a great place to arrive in when travelling to Croatia. The airport has a wide selection of restaurants, cafes and shops which make is a perfect place to relax before and after travelling. Moreover, on the completion of the new terminal building at Dubrovnik City Airport, a new selection of relaxation options such as a bar, restaurant and some shops will also be available.

To and from the airport

By Taxi
The taxi rank at Dubrovnik Airport is located just outside the arrivals hall. Taxis are available to locations all over Dubrovnik, however we strongly recommend agreeing a price prior to beginning your journey as regulations for monitoring fares in Dubrovnik are not strictly followed or monitored.

By Bus
There are bus services from the airport into Dubrovnik Station, therefore if you are staying within walking distance of Dubrovnik station this is definitely a good transport option. However, if this is not the case we recommend taking a taxi (this will avoid having to make numerous changes). If you do choose to take this service it will cost 5 Euros and will take between 30-40 minutes to get from airport into Dubrovnik.

By Train
There are no direct services between Dubrovnik Airport and the city centre, however take a taxi or bus to Dubrovnik Station where you can connect to national services (we recommend taking the bus as it stops at Dubrovnik Station itself).

By Car
It will take roughly 30 minutes to drive from Dubrovnik City Airport into Dubrovnik itself and can be accessed via the E80. The E80 leads you right down into Dubrovnik and is well sign posted going in both directions.


T: +385 20 773 361
W: www.airport-dubrovnik.hr

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