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Corfu is a Greek Island located in the Ionian Sea. The island sits on the edge of the northwest coastline of Greece and is surrounded by a number of satellite islands making up what is today known as Corfu. The island is known for its mountainous landscape, limestone formations and stunning coastline. This landscape makes for ample opportunity to explore the island and discover the beautiful hotspots that exist within it. What's more the islands climate is an attractive element for those visiting Corfu. In the summer months, the temperature rises to over 30 degrees and the island comes to life as a top European holiday destination, full of beaches, restaurants and cafes. With a mix of history, attractive landscape and beautiful weather, Corfu really is a great place to visit, relax and enjoy.

  • Corfu Old Town: Corfu City sits on a Marina at the broad part of the islands Peninsula. The city was initially built within fortifications built to protect the city, as such the streets are packed together, making for a great place to now visit and explore. The Old Town is packed full or restaurants, cafes and shops running along cobbled walkways. Moreover, with views out over the marina, the city offers the perfect place to visit for lunch, an evening meal or for shopping.
  • Neo Frourio: The Neo Frourio is a large fortification that sits on the north-eastern tip of Corfu. Up until recently the fortification was restricted due to a naval garrison, however you can now tour the fortification and explore the tunnels that exist within it. The fortification also offers fabulous views out over the Ionic Sea, offering a beautiful way to spend a day in Corfu.
  • The Music Pavilion: Built to commemorate Sit Thomas Maitland, the music pavilion of Corfu sits in the middle of the Ano and Kato Plateia, the largest square in South-East Europe. The pavilion hosts artistic and musical performances and can be a great place to go and enjoy a summer afternoon. The pavilion also plays host to cricket matches during the summer between local team in Corfu.
Airport Info

Most striking about Corfu International Airport is the direction in which planes travelling in from northern Europe travel in to land on the runway at the north-eastern tip of the island. With Corfu's amazing landscape, the journey in offers visitors a stunning aerial view of the island, including the hills of Kanoni, Pontikonsi and the Vlaherna Monastery. The airport itself welcomes holiday makers from across Europe, with only two domestic flights offered out of Corfu Airport.

Corfu Airport is located 3km south of Corfu Town.

Corfu Airport’s latest passenger station was finished in 1972 and houses a number of facilities making travel through the airport more comfortable and convenient. The airport has an ATM machine and currency exchange available, as well as a duty-free shop and information desk. The airport also has a post office as well as a cafe offering drinks and snacks prior to your flight.

To and from the airport

By Taxi
The taxi rank can be found outside the terminal building and taxis are available through airport operating hours. It is accepted to tip a driver between 5-10% of the rate and fairs should be negotiated upfront.

By Bus
Buses are available from the airport into Corfu city every 10 minutes. The bus can be caught outside the airport at the station and will take you to locations across the island. For Corfu town take bus 5 or 6.

By Car
For Corfu Town take Route 25 from the airport, this road leads you directly into Corfu City.


T: (+39) 2661 089 600

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