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Located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, Rome is the capital of Italy and the highest populated City in the country. Steeped full of history, Rome has been a city for over two and a half thousand years and was once capital of the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and most famously the Roman Empire, which was the leading power in Europe for over seven hundred years. Rome is also home to the Vatican City, and the epicentre of Roman Catholic religion, which resonates through the cities thriving culture. There is so much to see and explore in Rome, including the ancient Roman Coliseum, the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel. The city is also famous for its food, nightlife and music culture. If you are thinking about a city break, Rome is one of Europe’s leading destinations and a must visit for all ages.

  • The Roman Coliseum: The Roman Coliseum is a must see when visiting Rome. Sitting in the heart of the city, the Coliseum was the largest built of its kind and is considered one of the greatest pieces of architecture produced by the Roman Empire. Completed in 80 AD, the Coliseum was capable of seating 50,000 spectators and was used to house Gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles and more. Today the Coliseum is a popular tourist attraction and offers a fascinating insight into Imperial Rome.
  • The Vatican City: The Vatican is a landlocked sovereign city-state enclosed by walls that sits in the city centre of Rome. The Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world and also the least populated. The City is ruled by the Bishop of Rome (The Pope) and houses the highest state functionaries of the Catholic Church. You can explore a piece of the Vatican by visiting the Vatican Museum, the museum is visited by 4.2 million tourists a year and offers a brilliant insight into the history of the Vatican.
  • Roman Architecture: Roman architecture has been influenced and adapted vastly over many centuries. Early forms are heavily influenced by the classical eras, however later works are influenced by Imperial Rome and even fascist architecture. Rome has also been heavily influenced by the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque movements which shape much of the architecture throughout central Rome. Pieces of must visit architecture are Tranjan's Column, the Catacombs, the Pyramid of Cestius as well as the Renaissance inspired Palazzo del Quirinale.
Airport Info

Rome Airport opened in 1961 and now flies 38 million passengers to over 150 destinations across the world. The airport is located on the southwest side of the city and is linked to the city centre by road and rail. The airport houses a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, as such cementing itself as Italy’s most popular destination.

Rome Airport is located 16 miles southwest of Rome City Centre.

Rome airport offers a wide range of cafes, restaurants, shops and bars that make travelling through the airport a pleasurable experience. The airport is also connected to the city centre by train and road and car rental services and a flowing taxi rank are available in and around the main terminal buildings. Information desks are also located in every terminal, making it easy to find your way around, enquire about flight information or get directions through the airport.

To and from the airport

By Taxi
Taxi reservations are available by calling one of the many taxi firms in Rome. However, there is a taxi rank outside the main terminal building so calling a taxi on arrival is easy. The journey should take between 40-60 minutes travelling into central Rome. Make sure you settle on a fare upfront and tipping the driver between 5-10% is an acceptable norm.

By Bus
Airport shuttle services are available from outside the terminal building and can be booked either before travelling or at the airport itself. The bus journey will take around an hour and will drop you at various points within Rome

By Car
Car rental services are available at the airport and there are a host of rental businesses that can be pre-booked or booked within the airport. The leading companies are Europcar and Auto Europa. Once you have your car, the journey to Rome will take between 45-60 minutes and sits 16 miles northeast of the airport.

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