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Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland and one the most interesting places to visit in Europe. With a rich history of arts, culture and political significance, Geneva has lots of fascinating places to visit including the United Nations building and some magnificent architecture dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. As one of Europe's financial and political centres, Geneva was also voted to have the third highest 'quality of life' globally and is often quoted as the capital of peace after its association with goodwill, global reform and influence on peacemaking across the world. With a beautiful and diverse mix of cathedrals, lakes and historical buildings Geneva is a great place to visit and will ensure to leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed, it really is a must see!

  • Geneva Lakefront: If you are intrigued by wildlife, stunning views and some of the most beautiful gardens in Switzerland then the Geneva lakefront is well worth a visit. As one of the city's top site seeing experiences, the lakefront offers a glorious fountain (that spurts water up to 450 feet high) and views across the lake straight through to Mont Blanc itself. Moreover, down on the bank the Brunswick Monument still remains containing the tomb of Charles II, Duke of Brunswick who left his fortune to the city of Geneva after dying in 1873. There are also gardens, a lighthouse and public baths that offer plenty to see and explore.
  • Saint Peter's Cathedral: Dating back to the year 1160, Saint Peter's Cathedral lies in the centre of Geneva and is truly a stunning piece of architecture. After being rebuilt in response to several fires and uprisings, the cathedral's neo-classic architecture offers not only some fascinating tours, but a central point to see Geneva from the sky. Once you have climbed the 157 steps to the top of the North tower, you will be met with some breath taking views of the city and a chance to check out the 6 tonne bell, hoisted to the tower in 1407.
  • Reformation Wall: The reformation wall was built in Bastions Park in the heart of Geneva. The wall was built to mark the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean Calvin and the 350th anniversary of the foundation of the Academy of Geneva. With artefacts and information scrolling over 100 metres, the wall outlines the rich history of Protestantism within Geneva as well as tributes to the great revolutionists of the Geneva Reformation movement which drastically shaped and moulded the city we see today.
Airport Info

Geneva airport welcomes around 11 million passengers a year and is a central hub for both Swiss business and tourist travel. While based in Switzerland, the airport is known as a Swizz-French airport as it is close enough to the border of France to service both countries. The airport is also a major hub for Swiss airlines EasyJet Switzerland, bmibaby and Flyaboo as well as being a top destination for incoming flights internationally.

Geneva International Airport is located 2.5 miles northwest of the city centre of Geneva.

Geneva airport has a wide range of facilities on offer from shopping options to a selection of restaurants.  Whether you are looking for a light snack, fast food or a sit down meal, there is a wide selection of restaurants available. Check out the caviar house or bar altitude for fine dining, or alternatively grab a quick bite at the Swiss Chalet or L'Olivier which contain a wide selection of pastas, pizzas and sandwiches. If you want to skip the food, Geneva airport also has a selection of shops offering watches, duty free, clothing, souvenirs, fashion and accessories. Finally the airport has a full list of service options from car hire, dry cleaning, currency exchange shops and business lounges so whatever your need, there is a solution for you to enjoy.

To and from the airport

By Taxi
Taxis are available at the hotel and can be found regularly within Geneva itself. It is estimated that a taxi travelling from airport into the city centre of Geneva would cost between CHF 30 and CHF 35, with the basic charge being approximately CHF 6.30 per kilometre. To pre book a taxi ring +4122 33 141 33, this will ensure that your taxi is waiting for you on arrival.

By Bus
You can travel for free on public transport within Geneva by picking up a free ticket from the public ticket machine in the baggage collection area. This ticket will allow you to use public transport around the city of Geneva for a total of 80 minutes. Moreover, if you are staying at a hotel, a youth hostel or a campsite then you are entitled to claim a Geneva Transport Card which gives you free travel for the duration of your stay (These can be requested at your hostel). The bus can be found outside the front of the airport at the check in level (bus 10) and will take you into Geneva city centre.

By Train
The Unireso train service operates every 12 minutes and is available from both the arrivals and departures terminals. The service takes roughly 6 minutes to get passengers from the airport to the city centre. The same ticket as above can be used on this service.

By Car
Route E62 offers access to the airport from Geneva and is the main road running into the city centre. For access to the lakefront, come off of the E62 onto the Route de Meyrin which takes you right to the waterfront. Car parking and rental is also available at the airport and can be found via the contact details below.


T: +4122 717 71 11

Who flies here?



British Airways

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