Almeria City Info

Almeria has evolved recently into a bustling tourist hotspot packed full of interesting artefacts, beautiful sights and stunning beaches. Not as well known as other capitals in Andalucía (such a Malaga, Seville and Granada), Almeria is known to have one of the clearest skies in Europe, with an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Due to the exceptionally dry climate, Almeria is sparsely populated and much of its province is compromised by a semi-desert like landscape. However, the abundance of beautiful family run restaurants, fascinating museums, historical remnants and stunning cathedrals, Almeria is well worth the trip.

  • The Alcazaba: Built in the 11th century, the Alcazaba is the best preserved of its kind and one of the grandest Moorish fortifications in Spain. Built on a hill in the centre of the city, the Alcazaba offers stunning views of Almeria, including the famed cave quarter and the Catholic Cathedral of Almeria. The Alcazaba is the key reminder of Almeria’s earlier status as one of the main ports of the Cordoba caliphate in which Almeria grew rich from textile imports spurring a rich trading environment.
  • The Cathedral: This gothic cathedral was built in 1489 after the city was invaded and taken over by Catholic monarchs in the 15th century. The cathedral has a fortress like appearance after being designed to deter pirate invasion which was rife throughout the 15th and 16th centuries. However, not only its appearance was used for this purpose but the cathedral once held canons in its corner towers to ensure that Almeria was equipped to fight against pirate invasions from Turkish and North African pirate raids.
  • Museum of Almeria: Almeria is home to a number of interesting and insightful museums. The main museum of Almeria was established in 1933 and is home to a beautiful and permanent collection of historical artefacts dating back to Almeria’s rich trading past.
Airport Info

Almeria airport is a modern airport accepting a host of international flights both from the UK and the rest of Europe, including Madrid, Palma, Barcelona and Melilla. The airport is easily accessible from Almeria city centre with local bus and taxi services making connections to and from the airport extremely easy.

Almeria Airport is located 6 miles east of Almeria city centre.

The airport has an arrivals and departures lounge as well as a terrace overlooking the main runway. Moreover, the airport has a small cafe and some shops.

To and from the airport

By Taxi
Taxis are available from Almeria Airport 24 hours per day. The fare from the airport into the city centre is approximately 15 Euros.

By Bus
There is a bus service available every half an hour throughout the day and every 45 minutes in the evenings. The bus service connects passengers between the city centre train and bus stations and the airport. The first bus is available at 07:22am with the last bus departing the airport at 22.0pm.

By Train
For connections to Spain, the nearest train station is in Almeria city centre, however there is no rail connection to the airport.

By Car
Almeria Airport is located 6.2 miles east of the city centre of Almeria and can be accessed via the dual-carriage way AL-12. The airport is sign posted throughout the entire journey from Almeria down the AL-12 to the airport so look out for 'Autovia del Mediterranoe’.

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