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Gibraltar sits at the most southerly point of the Iberian Peninsula and is both the entrance to the Mediterranean and the closest meeting point between Africa and Europe.  Known for its Anglo-Saxon history and heritage as a base for the Royal Navy, Gibraltar is packed full of history. Moreover, as a tourist destination Gibraltar does not disappoint. Gibraltar is a VAT free zone, cementing its place as one of Europe’s top shopping destinations, something many visitors quickly find out after a quick visit to the Island’s famous Main Street. However, if shopping isn’t your thing, don’t fret. Gibraltar is famed for its beautiful natural landscape, its surrounding coastline and great nightlife, making Gibraltar a perfect destination for those looking to sail, dive, shop and explore. For a fun packed trip, suitable for any family Gibraltar is a great European destination.

  • Diving and Fishing: Gibraltar is famed for its dive spots and is the perfect destination to learn or improve your diving skills. With schools offering qualifications in "NAUI", "PADI" or "BSAC", Gibraltar is the perfect destination to learn to dive. What's more, with its famous maritime history and some breath-taking natural underwater scenery, Gibraltar's dive scene is among the best in Europe with over 30 wrecks, reefs and pinnacles to explore.
  • Shopping: Described as shopper's heaven, Gibraltar still to this day offers VAT free shopping, ensuring Gibraltar has some of the cheapest tobacco and spirits in Europe. What's more, Gibraltar's Main Street runs through the heart of the town and offers high fashion, watches, jewellery, leather goods, porcelain, silks and more all at tax free prices. Not wanting to stop there, Gibraltar is also known for its cheap electronic goods. Making it a must visit for shoppers.
  • Nightlife: The great thing about Gibraltar is it the fun continues throughout the evening. Whether you are looking for a place to eat, a place to drink or a place to party, Gibraltar can accommodate. At the end of Main Street, Casemates Square is packed full of fashionable bars, clubs and places to chill and drink. If you are in Gibraltar to explore, dive and shop but want to have some fun after sunset, you will not be disappointed.
Airport Info

Gibraltar airport is the civilian airport that serves the people of Gibraltar and tourists visiting the island. The airport handles over 300,000 passengers a year and is one of the few Class A airports remaining in the world. The airport hosts flights from Luton, Manchester, Liverpool and Gatwick and is known for its unique run way which reaches out into the surrounding waters.

Gibraltar Airport is located in the centre of Gibraltar and intersects Winston Churchill Avenue.

Gibraltar Airport is currently experiencing a rapid change to its facilities with a recently opened terminal having been completed and opened to the public on 26th November 2011. The airport hosts cafes, shops car rental services and car parking access. The new terminal is a perfect place to chill before a flight out of Gibraltar and houses all necessary services needed to ensure your stay in Gibraltar is as hassle free as possible.

To and from the airport

Gibraltar is unique in that the airport is only a few minutes’ walk from the town centre and so extremely convenient for those staying in the town of Gibraltar. If you do want to rent a taxi or hire a car, Gibraltar airport has a taxi rank out the front of its main terminal and car hire facilities within the airport.


T: (+34) 952 243 242

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