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Catania is the second largest city in Sicily and the tenth largest city in Italy. The city is located on the East coast of Sicily and faces out to the Ionian Sea. Catania is a thriving city, known today as the European Silicon Valley for its rich history in industry, tourism and education. Catania is also known for its seismic history and sits at the foot of the famous Italian volcano Mount Etna. Once occupied by the Roman Empire, Catania is home to a host of famous Roman artefacts including the Greek-Roman theatre of Catania, the Catania Amphitheatre and the Roman Forum. Catania is also known for its thriving music culture and its deep roots in Sicilian cuisine. If visiting Sicily, Catania is a must visit for those looking for a rich mix of culture and history.

  • The Catania Fish Markets: Famous across Sicily, the Catania food and fish markets are popular destinations for British chefs such a Rick Stein and many more – renowned for being the best fish market in the world. The markets offer some of the most exotic and freshly prepared fish in the world and the market is free to visit for tourists and shoppers alike. The market is lively and colourful and a great place to pick up lunch.
  • The Elephant Fountain: Created by Giovanni Battista Vaccarini in 1735-37, the elephant fountain is one of the most famous landmarks in Catania and personifies the Roman and Baroque influence of Catania architecture. The fountain is the symbol of the city and the entrance to the Etnea, the main shopping street in Catania.
  • Mount Etna: As the tallest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna stands at 3,329m over the city of Catania and is one of the most active volcanos in Europe. Etna's high state of activity helps to enrich the soils surrounding Catania, meaning plenty of orchards, vineyards and agriculture spots available to explore. There are also adventure tours and hikes available up Mount Etna, which provide a great way to explore the area.
Airport Info

Considered the gateway to Eastern Sicily, Catania Airport welcomes over 6 million passengers per year. The airport is connected to two motorways which lead into central Sicily, both to Palermo and Syracuse, making it the 3rd busiest airport in Italy. The airport also sits conveniently close to Catania City, making travel to and from Catania simple.

Catania Airport is located 4.3km away from Catania City

Catania Airport has a large parking area which allows both short and long stay parking. Inside the terminal building there are a host of shops, coffee shops and restaurants which make the airport comfortable when waiting for your flight of connection. The airport is also equipped with a business centre, where Wi-Fi access is available. The airport is also easily and totally accessible to disabled passengers.

To and from the airport

By Taxi
A taxi rank is available outside the main terminal building and taxi services will take you to ports, railway stations, hotels or private addresses. A taxi service from Catania Airport into Catania will cost 30-40 Euros depending on the amount of passengers in the vehicle.

By Bus
There are public buses available from Catania Airport into Catania. Buses to the local port (Messina) will take around 90 minutes, whereas a bus into Catania City will take up to 2 hours. The buses are available frequently and can be caught either from Catania Airport or the local railway station.

By Car
Car rental services are available at the airport and can be booked either in advance or from within the main terminal building. Car rental will cost roughly 9.50 Euros per day and there are a host of different vehicles available. For Palermo take the E45 motorway or for Catania City, travel north following the signposts around the airports.


T: (+39) 0957 239 111

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